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Growing Up Sane

"The author poses an important question: Can we change or even stop the societal force that conditions the mental life of us and our children, and determines our attitudes and, therefore, our actions? Growing Up Sane is recommended."

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Growing Up Sane

Understanding the Conditioned Mind

Are we driving ourselves crazy trying to be sane?

The traditional approach to solving the problems of relationship, because it is based on trying to live according to what we think life should be, is the cause of suffering and not the cure.

The action we think will free us from conflict is the very action that keep us in bondage.

The act of nonviolence that is based on the ideal is itself violence.

from Growing Up Sane - Understanding the Conditioned Mind

Growing Up Sane - Understanding the Conditioned Mind is concerned with bringing about a sense of order and integrity in thinking and action through creating insight into what cultivates intelligent and ethical behavior.

This book looks at our relationships and the social institutions we have produced that mold behavior to see what influence these structures have had on the development of the young person. Going beyond these structures, this book examines the Myth of the Individual, delving into the roots of our disorder to look at the fundamental source of conflict—the paradoxical "knot"—within the psyche itself.

This book is not only for the parent or teacher concerned with the education of the young person, but is also for anyone seriously interested in understanding what it means to live a sane and intelligent life.