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The Religious Impulse

This book raises essential questions … The author has extensive backgrounds in education, philosophy, psychology, and the martial arts, and the book is a series of highly-charged aphorisms, designed to make the reader plunge deeply into these important issues.

The Religious Impulse

A Quest for Innocence

Can we bring about an ethical understanding, a mind that is virtuous, innocent, untouched by conventional moralistic thinking?

"Do we suffer because we are a divided human race, isolated from each other in beliefs and in primitive tribal associations formed around those beliefs?

Isn't seeking the Divine really seeking our own projected wishes?

Why do religions promise a life in the hereafter, free of sorrow and suffering? Is it because we don't know what to do with our problems now?

Is the process of trying to end suffering through religion, through idealistic thinking, actually creating and sustaining suffering?

Can we observe our minds and see the fact that thought has created all of this, thought that has been formulated into beliefs, traditions, and unquestioningly conditioned into the brain?"

from The Religious Impulse - A Quest for Innocence.

Religious Impulse – A Quest for Innocence is concerned with the development of ethical and responsible behavior. This book questions the traditional religious process of becoming good, and examines how this process paradoxically cultivates irresponsible and immoral behavior through the inculcation of conventional theological beliefs.